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Zingler Text + PR was founded in autumn 2001 by Martina Zingler. After her degree in German studies and English studies, Martina Zingler worked as a PR consultant in a leading PR agency for IT and technology companies. Today, as well as PR work, she also offers all kinds of textual work, as a freelance author, and regularly writes for the regional magazine RegJo.


Zingler Text + PR acts in a network of national and international partner agencies, service providers and freelance employees. In this way, we can offer constant availability and additional services. We represent companies from our region as well as those from all over Germany. Many of our customers are globally acting companies, which need a press representative in the German speaking region. We are just a short distance from the important trade fairs in Hanover, Berlin and Cologne.


Our strengths and experiences are in the areas of entertainment electronics, photo & video, multimedia, IT and telecommunications. Social, economic and cultural topics are constantly the object of our journalistic work.

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